Art Series


The start of 2021 saw far too much home schooling and far too little drawing for my liking but as February drew to a close and the kids were back to school my plans for not one but two new art series are progressing!

Series one is focused on happy doggies with their tongue out and series two will be full of British Wildlife.

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This is the beautiful Lena and she shares an instagram account called 'thosetwocockapoos' full of gorgeous photos of her and her buddy!


If you would like to be in with a chance for your doggy to feature in my series please send a clear tongue out picture to me. There are no guarantees I will use your photos and if you send them to me you are agreeing to their use as prints and on merchandise etc. As a thank you you will receive a *free* art print of the finished artwork and the choice of purchasing the original artwork at a significantly reduced cost. 

The second in my '#tot' series and what could be more fitting than this gorgeous face! It had its challenges but I absolutely loved creating this portrait, especially all those gums! 

This piece was created using Faber Castell Polychromos and Caran Dache Luminance pencils on Claire Fontaine pastelmat paper - my favourite combination. It allows me to blend and layer where I need to and to add the intricate details that bring the portrait to life. I went for a fairly large size to capture the regal stature of this lovely dalmatian. 

The reference photo was from Pexels, Bethany Ferr

Dalmation Web size.png

I came accross this photo of my first dog, Bess in a photo album and I knew I had to add her to my #tot series of happy doggies!

I bugged my Mum for years to get a dog and when her Uncle became too ill to take cre of his beautiful dog Bess we took her in and she became my first childhood dog! She was such a lovely happy doggy and she started a life long love of border collies for me. 

The reference photo was an old blurry one but there were enough details there that I could pull from my experience and create her pastel portrait

British Wildlife

 'Time After Time' 


As soon as I saw this photo taken by Holly Woodruff I knew I had to draw it! Pigeons can get a bad rap but just look at those beautiful colours. I absolutely loved the way they look like they are in the middle of a passionate dance and it reminded me of a dance from one of my favourite films 'Strictly Ballroom' - the Pasa Doble. I named the piece after a song from the film 'Time After Time'

This piece was created with colour pencils for the pigeons and fence and I used soft pastels to create the blue sky and whispy clouds. 


Stripes and Whiskers

There are eight different species of badger with the most common British resident being the Eurasion badger and they are said to have been in Britain for at least 250,000 years! They sometimes get a bad rap, mostly from farmers who believe they are a disruptive entity and up until a law was passed to protect them in 1992 they were trapped for sport and culled. I have loved badgers since reading Wind in the Willows and decided they would be the perfect choice for the first in my British Wildlife Series. 

Original Artwork and Prints are available,

This shiny nosed cutie was created with soft pastels and pastel pencils on Claire Fontaine Pastelmat paper from a reference photo taken by Craig Maisfield. 

Field mouse small res.jpeg

Not everyone loves mice - I myself may have been known to let out my inner damsel in distress when one was scurrying around the stock room at my old work place, in direct contrast I have owned pet domestic rats so my fear was totally unjustified!

There is however, something undeniably sweet about their little faces and twitching noses and this little guy is no exception. 

I used a gorgeous reference photo taken by one of my favourite photographers, Paul Fine, and it needed little adjustment as the compostion and detail were just perfect. I did the background first using soft pastels so that I could blend them and get that out of focus effect - I used colours that were already in the background of the photo as this is obviously where this little one feels comfortable and it seemed right for him. Once that messy background was out of the way I got to work with my coloured pencil and added all the details of the little mouse and the lovely autumn leaf. 

The name came from one of my sons favourite books.

The original artwork and prints are available to purchase

The Mouse Found a Nut