Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are a wonderful way to celebrate that special relationship we have with our fur babies. Each portrait is hand drawn with the utmost attention to detail and capturing that special something that makes your pet unique!



These are the standard sizes I offer and include a card picture mount, the portrait will be a good size within the aperture

Prices shown are for a single head and chest portrait, add 15% for each additional pet

For other sizes, more pets, full body portraits or to include a background please get in touch for a personalised no obligation quote

Reference Photo

As all of our pets would have trouble sitting perfectly still for the duration of a portrait I work from photos! High quality, high resolution photos with great detail will produce the best portraits.

The best photos are taken at the pets eye level and in natural but not overly bright lighting - slightly overcast bright days work best or if it is very bright then inside near a window.

If you have more than one pet you can send seperate photos of them as getting them all picture perfect and looking in the same direction for a photo can be a challenge!

I have a photo reference guide to help you choose or take the right photo. If you are sturggling or you only have poorer quality photos please do get in touch as it is sometimes still possible to work from less than perfect photos

Romeo And Shrew.png