2021 starts in March

December was a whirlwind of commissions and I was working pretty much non stop to get them all done in time. Most of them have now been shared on my social media if you wanna check out what kept me busy. I had given myself a bit of breathing space and the week before Christmas was all about getting my website ready to relaunch which it did in early January! I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

2021 didn't start quite how I had imagined... I went into Christmas and the New year making plans for a new website launch and was going to start the year with a bang with two new art series and one of my biggest commissions to date waiting for me in January. Covid had other ideas, the kids were destined for another couple of months of homeschooling and my plans were going to have to take a back seat!

So what does all this mean? January and February were pretty dry on the art front (unless you count art lessons with the kids) and its been a stressful time for all. I think most people agree that this lockdown has felt different, harder for some reason and it's hard to remember what life was like before all of this madness. Things are starting to look up as we take some tentative steps towards coming out of this and the first step is for the kids to return to school next week. I love my kids but I can't deny feeling a little (a lot) happy about this. The kids neeeeeed this almost as much as I do and those 6 hours while they are at school are a godsend when trying to run a business!

Planning ahead

Art Series one will be focused on gorgeous happy doggos with their tongues hanging out. I have the first few planned but I am still looking for some more lovely models so if you would like to be involved please get in touch Art series two is all about celebrating British Wildlife and I am excited to draw some foxes and squirrels and badgers and more! Make sure you are following my social media channels to see what's next on the drawing board.

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