Hand Drawn Portraits by Sophie Patel

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About Me

I  grew up in West London but in 2018 relocated to Bedfordshire with my husband and two children. As a family we wanted more space to grow (more than we could afford at London prices!) and to move away from the stresses of city life. As a bonus we got to move to the town where my two sisters live. We have always been close and after the passing of both of our parents in my early 20's this connection became even more important. My kids absolutely love being close to their Aunties and cousins although we all miss our family in London and visit whenever we can.  


I have always loved drawing but a lack of self confidence and a determination to become a Vet meant it was relegated to a hobby for many years. It took falling into a customer service driven retail career, learning a lot about myself in the process, and two kids to finally push me to persue my passion and in 2016 I started my art career. I have always had a great love of animals so it is unsurprising that pets and wildlife have become my main focus as an artist.


As a bit of a perfectionist I was naturally drawn to realism, I have always strived to create things that look like they are supposed to and as a little bit of a (self critical) perfectionist I have worked on and honed those skills over the years and will continue to do so - every day is a school day! I dabbled with paint when I wanted to introduce colour but it has never felt the same to me as drawing. Luckily the relatively recent phenomenon of artists grade lightfast pencils held a solution for me. I can use the pencils to create soft layers and build rich colour and still achieve the realistic detail that I love and still produce art that will stand the test of time.

Drawing fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction, the ability to create something beautiful with relatively simple tools is endlessly inspiring.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"


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Creating beautiful one of a kind portrait art with great attention to detail and a focus on capturing the spirit of the subject